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Big sister’s flowery meadow 

Little romantic details can make all the difference to an older sister’s room. Children can help restore their own things, for instance by painting coat hangers or choosing how to decorate their furniture. Working together helps them to appreciate their own private domains.

A flower motif was used for both the walls and the bed in Elina’s room. The walls were painted with J393.

 Furniture painting

Painting with stencils:

The head of the old pine bed was painted by stippling through a stencil using Feelings Furniture Paint (K424, J452).

The same delicate flower motif also appears on the curtains.

 Furniture painting

Old assorted coat hangers are pleasing to the eye after being painted with Feelings Furniture Paint (X342, V338) to match the furnishings.

 Furniture painting

Adhesive-lacquer technique:

Paint the frame with Feelings Furniture Paint.

Use hobby glue to apply pictures or figures cut from paper napkins onto the surface.

Finish the surface with 2 to 3 coats of Kiva Furniture Lacquer.


Feelings furniture paint 2.7 l

Feelings Furniture Paint, semi-matt

Feelings Furniture Paint can be used on a wide range of interior surfaces, and dries to an attractive finish which is hard wearing and easily cleaned. Feelings Furniture Paint can also be used on primed metal and for repainting interior surfaces previously coated with waterborne, alkyd or acid catalysed paints.

Coverage: 8-10 m2/l per coat.  
The above should be used as a guide, as actual spreading rates will depend upon many factors including texture, porosity and application method.

Paint calculator
Application method:

Synthetic fiber brush, mohair roller.

Conventional spray:

-pressure 3-4 bar

-nozzle 1.4-1.8 mm

-thinning 20-40 vol-%

Airless spray:

-nozzle pressure 140-160 bar

-nozzle 0.009˝-0.013˝

-thinning 0-5 vol-%

Air assisted airless spray:

-nozzle pressure 80-120 bar

-atomization air pressure 1-2 bar

-nozzle 0.009˝-0.011˝

-thinning 0-5 vol-%           

spray tip.
Thinning: if necessary thin by up to 5% with water.

Thinner: Water
Colour Cards: Symphony 2436 and Feel the Colour
Product data sheet Safety Data Sheet - Feelings Furniture Paint
Kiva Kalustelakka puolihimmea 2.7L[1]

Kiva Furniture Lacquer, gloss, semi-gloss, semi-matt and matt

For use on dry interior wood surfaces. Kiva Furniture Lacquer can also be used for protective lacquering of painted and stained surfaces. Not suitable for use on floors (use Parketti-Ässä Floor Lacquer for lacquering floors).


8-14 m2/litre per coat. Actual spreading rate will depend upon texture, porosity and hardness of the wood.

Paint calculator
Application method:

Brush, sponge or spray.  Polyester or nylon paint brushes are best suited for the application of Kiva Interior Lacquer.

Thinner: Water
Product data sheet Safety Data Sheet - Kiva Furniture Lacquer