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NOSTALGIA Oils and Waxes

Maintain the warmth and original touch of the wood 

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Nostalgia products highlight the natural colour of products made of genuine wood, enhance their looks and durability. Touch the surface and feel the warmth of wood.

Treat the wood with natural oils and waxes 

Nostalgia product line consists of oils and waxes made of natural ingredients which change the wooden surface  pleasant and earth bound.You will find products for wooden floors, table tops, walls, ceilings, furniture and children’s toys. 

Nostalgia Floor Oil

Nostalgia Beeswax Oil

Nostalgia Wood Wax

Nostalgia Beewax Oil-suur

Nostalgia Beeswax Oil

Suitable for dry wood surfaces indoors. Makes dirt repellent, beautiful silky matt surface. Does not withstand water and high stress.

Application method: Spread with non-fluffy rag or brush.
Product data sheet Safety data sheet

Nostalgia Floor Oil

To be used on bare wooden surfaces. Absorbs into the wood and protects the surface from dirt, stains and humidity.

Application method: Brush, clean cloth or spray, polishing rag or buffing cloth.
Thinner: White Spirit 1050
Colour Range: Colourless, deepens and enhances the wood colour.
Product data sheet Safety Data Sheet - Nostalgia Floor Oil
nostalgia wood wax 1L

Nostalgia Wood Wax

Suitable for untreated paneled walls and ceilings, furniture, doors and window frames in dry interior rooms.  

Application method: Brush, clean cloth or spray, polishing rag or buffing cloth.
Colour Range: Ready shades: Honey, Raisin, Coconut. Other shades: Champignon, Chocolate, Blue Cheese, Oyster, Earl Grey and Pepper from Nostalgia colour card. These shades can be tinted from the natural coloured Ginger. Ginger can also be used as such. See colour sticker on the can. See Nostalgia brochure/colour card! Note! Use tinted product within 3 months from tinting to avoid eventual change in the colour!
Product data sheet Safety Data Sheet - Nostalgia Wood Wax