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Presto LV - Humid Room Filler

Presto LV Humid Room Filler
DESCRIPTION Waterborne, ready to use light humid room filler. Filling capacity: 4 mm with no cracking. Minimal shrinkage and good adhesion.
PRODUCT FEATURES Suitable for total and partial filling of gypsum board, wood fibre board, concrete and plaster surfaces in humid interior premises. Excellent for fastening joint tape.
RECOMMENDED USES Walls and ceilings in humid interior premises e.g. bathrooms before painting, fastening of plastic finish or tiling.

  The paint is suitable for interior walls The paint is suitable for ceilings The paint is water-borne Työväline: teräslasta
Colour Range Grey
Can sizes 3 l, 10 l.
Thinner Water
Mixing ratio Water, normally not thinned.
Application method Smoothing trowel
Drying time at 23°C and 50% relative air humidity Sanding of the surface can be carried out after the filler has totally dried, under normal conditions after 2-24 hours depending on the layer thickness, temperature and the relative humidity of the air. Painting, tiling or fastening the wall cover can be done after the filling has totally dried.
Special feature The light filling material used in this filler makes it light and easy to apply.
Solids volume 61 %
Density 1.1 kg/l, ISO 2811
Storage Protect from frost.
Product code 001_6533
Shrinkage and cracking Minimal shrinkage and good adhesion.

Application conditions The surface to be treated must be dry, the temperature of the air over 5 ºC, and the relative humidity of the air below 80 %.
Preparation Unpainted surfaces:
Remove grease and dirt. Brush off any dust or loose material. Fill the surfaces directly with Presto LV Light Humid Room Filler.

Previously painted surfaces:
Wash down previously painted surfaces with Maalipesu cleaning detergent and rinse thoroughly with water. Allow the surface dry before next treatment. Remove loose paint with a scraper and sand hard, glossy surfaces matt. Remove sanding dust. Apply Presto LV Light Humid Room Filler with a smoothing trowel.
Filling Apply Presto LV Light Humid Room Filler with a smoothing trowel. Sand the dried surface and remove sanding dust. Apply another filling coat, if necessary.
Cleaning of tools Clean tools with water

according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008
The product is not classified as dangerous. A Safety Data Sheet is available on request.Safety Data Sheet - Presto Fillers

DECLARATION OF PERFORMANCE Declaration of Performance EN13963 Declaration of Performance EN15824

ENVIRONMENTAL and WASTE DISPOSAL Empty cans should be recycled or disposed of in accordance with local regulations. Liquid waste should be destroyed according to the local regulations.
TRANSPORT VAK/ADR not classified
joa170613 / pih140613 / 001 6533

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Flexural strength> 320 NRelease of dangerous substancesNPDReaction to fireA2-s1,d0
Tikkurila Oyj
Kuninkaalantie 1
FI-01300 Vantaa
Nro TIK-1650-5004a
EN 13963:2005
Jointing material of gypsum plasterboards - Type 3A

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Release of dangerous substancesNPDReaction to fireB-s1,d0Adhesion strength by pull off test≥ 0,3 MPa
Tikkurila Oyj
Kuninkaalantie 1
FI-01300 Vantaa
Nro TIK-1650-5004b
EN 15824:2009
Internal plaster based on organic binder