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The new hardener for Temacoat GPL-S Primer allows application in below-zero temperatures 15.02.2014

Tikkurila Temacoat GPL-S Primer has been given new properties. With the new hardener 008 5610, the product can be used even during winter in temperatures below zero.

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Tikkurila to launch new high-tech single-coat polyurethane paints 12.09.2013

Tikkurila’s new series of Temadur SC-F paints have shorter drying times than the previous Temadur SC series. Customers are extremely satisfied with these products because they can be used as single-coat paints because they have high sagging value and they contain anticorrosive pigments.

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The renewed Temaline EPL 100 epoxy phenolic coating 07.05.2013

Temaline EPL 100 epoxy phenolic coating is suitable for steel surfaces exposed to immersion in and spatter from oil, petrol and water, for example.

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The ColorVoyant® Watch 2.0 – Tikkurila continues trend-blog collaboration 19.04.2013

Tikkurila continues the blog collaboration it started last year with the US trend guru Doty Horn.

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Colour Card – 150 Years of Tikkurila Stories 13.12.2012

The paint company Tikkurila turned 150 years on 14 August 2012. To celebrate this, a book has been compiled describing how a small oil press has grown into one of the leading paint companies in the Nordic area as well as in Russia and elsewhere in East Europe.

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Temacoat products improve cost-efficiency of painting 17.07.2012

Temacoat is a product family with high-solids epoxy paints. Using them can reduce costs and solvent emissions. The painted surface is recoatable for a very long time without roughening, up to six months if recoating will be done with epoxy paints. Temacoat products are suitable for steel frameworks, pipe bridges, conveyors and other similar structures and equipment.

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