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Changes according to Biocidal Product Directive

17.12.2010 12:20

The Biocidal Directive of European Union will be affecting Tikkurila’s product range from the beginning of 2011.

Winter timeOur products Pinja Oil and Pinjasol have been registered as wood preservatives in Finland from the beginning of July, 2010 and can be sold only in Finland from the 1st of January, 2011.


But, as these products were not registered as wood preservatives in the other EU countries, we will not be able to sell the same products (Pinja Oil and Pinjasol) in other EU countries anymore.


The formulas of Pinja Oil and Pinjasol will be changed in the beginning of 2011. The quality of Pinjasol that we will sell to other EU countries will be renamed as Pinjasol Priming Oil with a new product code 005 0850.


Priming of wood can also be done with products that are not registered as wood preservatives. Pinja Oil can be replaced by either Pinja Color Oil (439-series) or by Pinja Wood Stain (314-series). Pinja Color Oil has better penetration in wood, like Pinja Oil. Pinja Wood Stain forms a thin film on wood. Both of these products are tintable. Please note especially that none of our (Tikkurila Oyj, Industry) products can be sold with wood preservation arguments anymore in other EU countries than Finland.

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