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Faster curing with Temadur SC-F 80

14.06.2011 15:16

Many customers have already found the benefits of the new fast curing Temadur SC-F 80. The popularity of this product is based on its versatile technical properties, as it can be used either a single-coat finish for agricultural and earth moving machinery and other equipment, or as a topcoat in epoxy/polyurethane paint systems for surfaces exposed to weathering and chemical stress in storage tank exteriors, steel framework and other steel structures.

Vieskan metalliVieskan Metalli Oy, a Finnish producer of high-quality farming equipment, noticed after trial painting that the product dries faster than Temadur SC 80 even in lower temperature, which means savings in energy consumption in drying process.

They were also very pleased with the application properties of Temadur SC-F 80 which they use with a 2-component high-pressure spraying system, as well as the nice glossy surface that is achieved with the product. Vieskan Metalli uses the paint in 200 l drums, which are tinted and supplied by a Temaspeed distributor, who has invested in equipment enabling tinting of those drums.

Temadur SC-F 80 is also available in standard 10 l cans in white (TAL) and clear (TCL) base paints.

For further information of Vieskan Metalli, please visit their website: www.vieskanmetalli.com/VME/

Petri Järvinen


Product features

- Two-component, gloss polyurethane paint

- Fast drying, containing anticorrosive pigments

- Hardener aliphatic isocyanate

- Excellent weathering and abrasion resistance

- Good gloss and colour retention

- Forms an easy-to-clean and non-chalking surface

- Available in 10 l cans and 200 l drums

- Tintable with Temaspeed Premium tinting system.

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