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Fontemal – heat-resistant paint

18.10.2011 15:32

Fontemal contains a silicone-based binding agent, which enables the product to withstand temperatures of up to 500 ºC. The paint is suitable for steel and aluminium surfaces, and for coating cast-iron fireplace doors and sauna stoves in particular. Other applications include ovens, steel flue pipes, and vehicle exhaust pipes.

Quick and cost-effective

Fontemal - heat-resistant paint

Fontemal makes spray painting quicker in both manual and production-line applications, because it can be used as a single coat paint, without separate primer. The product can be applied in very thin films, up to 20 µm. Choosing a water-borne product has clear advantages – the work environment remains almost odour-free, and the products are safe to use.





Product code

006 5890

006 5895




Solid content

40% v/v, 58% w/w

32% v/v, 41% w/w


400 °C

500 °C


20 l

20 l

VOC content

100 g/l

240 g/l


The paint’s low level of VOC emissions markedly reduces the amount of volatile organic compounds. The paint meets the requirements of EU environmental legislation.

View the Fontemal data sheet

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