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Merit Blond - fast drying and non-yellowing lacquers for wood

16.12.2010 15:43

Tikkurila have high quality non-yellowing and fast drying acid catalysed lacquers. These two component products are suitable for wooden surfaces such as furniture, kitchen cabinets and doors. Drying to sand time is only 20 to 30 minutes in 50°C temperature. In 70°C temperature, drying to sand time is only 15 to 20 minutes.

Wooden furnitureThese products can also be used as protecting lacquers on top of acid catalysed paints. Hardener for both products is Hardener 006 2096.

Merit Blond GL 25-30 is a semi-matt two component acid catalysed light lacquer. It contains UV protection agent. This product is especially suitable for light coloured wood. Recommended thinners are 1035 and 1058.

Merit Blond 85 is a glossy two component acid catalysed lacquer. Recommended thinner is 1033.

Please contact our sales personnel for more information on these and other Tikkurila products.

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