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Metallic shine available for floor surfaces

23.10.2009 10:13

New attractive shades with a metallic shine are widely used for painting industrial applications.

Garage floor - metallic shine (Photographer: Pekka Vainonen)

Temafloor P 300 facilitates the application of metallic shades to concrete surfaces for which special effects are required, e.g. the floors of restaurants, cafés, shopping malls and business premises. Temafloor P 300 is a two-component solvent-free epoxy coating. Thanks to the new base paint with aluminum pigments, the product can now be tinted with six different metallic shades using the Tikkurila Temaspeed Premium tinting system. Temafloor P 300 is highly resistant to mechanical and chemical stress. Recommended film thickness 0.2–0.5 mm.


Coating for a surface with vivid and beautiful effects

Temafloor P 300 builds a beautiful, durable, seamless, easy-to-maintain surface. The product can be applied with a brush, roller or high pressure sprayer. High pressure spraying produces a vivid surface with a metallic shine effect. The metallic surface can also be patterned by rolling crosswise.

Coating system

1-2x               Temafloor 200 / 400 primer

1x                  Temafloor P 300 Metallic coating




RAL EFFECT metallic shades

Metallic plate


(Other shades in the RAL EFFECT color card are available, too)


Temafloor P 300 metallic shades brochure


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