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New products to the RAL EFFECT Collection

08.06.2010 15:23

In the manufacture of industrial products, the significance of colour design and colour marketing has been increasing for some time. In addition to brand-specific colours, customers seek highly visible, individual and distinctive products.

RAL metallicIn Europe, the RAL colour cards are the best known and most widely used colour collections for industrial coating. Over the years, the RAL Institute has introduced four different colour cards to the market, the RAL CLASSIC 840-HR, RAL CLASSIC 841-GL, RAL DESIGN, and the latest, RAL EFFECT.


New product versions have now been added to the RAL EFFECT collection, which has already been on the market for 3 years. The RAL E2 is a multipurpose double-fan presenting all 420 solid colours as well as the 70 metallic shades. The fan is a particularly useful tool for designers and architects.


In addition, the new RAL E3 fan presents all 490 shades of the collection by placing 6 solid colours and a corresponding metallic shade on the same page. In this way, you can easily view an entire harmonious colour collection on a single page.

The RAL E4 colour card includes the 70 metallic shades from the RAL EFFECT collection, which makes it an excellent and cost-effective tool for those interested in the metallic colour range.


In addition to the RAL EFFECT colours, Tikkurila products are available in thousands of other shades. By using Tikkurila’s water-based industrial coatings, you can achieve excellent colour accuracy in the RAL EFFECT colours, since the RAL EFFECT colour card has been produced using the same pigments as those used in the paint industry in general. Naturally, these colours are also available as solvent-based products.


Colour cards are readily available from your nearest Temaspeed distributor selling Tikkurila’s industrial coatings. www.temaspeed.com

For more information on RAL colour cards, please visit www.ral-farben.de


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