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Pearly colours give fantastic finishes

26.08.2009 09:44

Do you want a surface that glows? Tikkurila Pearl glazes and paints give you fantastic effects on both wood and metal surfaces.

Different finishes can be created by varying the shade of primer paint or stain, the glossiness of the lacquer used and the base material or application method, for example. The glossier the lacquer used, the more the surface will glow. Reflecting light creates an incredibly beautiful effect, bringing added value to a piece of furniture or an entire building.

Metallic kitchen


Stretch your imagination with the wide variety of uses

Carnival MiraclePearl has been used for many years as a special effect when coating pieces of furniture and indoor surfaces. Cruise ship interiors in particular have glistened in all iridescent shades, each more beautiful than the last. Other important uses for pearly shades worldwide include furniture, kitchens, doors and wooden interior panels.


Buildings as well as various machines and equipment that are a vital part of our lives must stand up to demanding environmental conditions for many years. Attention-grabbing pearly glazes and paints can be used to enliven and highlight various objects while at the same time providing excellent corrosion protection.


Pearl products are suitable for use on steel and wood structures that are used in office and commercial properties, cinemas, museums, libraries and other public buildings, for example. Another major user is the automotive industry, and the products can also be seen on road haulage stock as well as on farm equipment and earthmoving machinery.


The wide selection of Pearl paints and glazes ensures that there is always a suitable product for both interior and exterior use. Pearl products do not contain harmful substances, which means that they are also environmentally friendly. Furthermore, they can be used to tint both solvent- and water-borne paints.


From authorised Temaspeed distributors

An unlimited selection of shades from internationally recognized colour cards such as RAL, Symphony and BS (British Standard) is available. You can choose from three iridescent shades – gold, silver and bronze – which will be combined with the desired glaze or paint. Only very small amounts (0.2 to 3% of weight) of Pearl product are usually added, which makes them a simple and economical way to produce glowing effects. Our Temaspeed distributors have years of experience in helping customers with choosing finishing products. They will help you select the correct product and colour, and will tint your chosen paint quickly and professionally.

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