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Temafloor PU - a new polyurethane coating for floors

22.05.2007 16:00

Temafloor PU is a new, solvent-free two-component polyurethane coating intended for floors that are exposed to mechanical and chemical stress in industrial and storage facilities where a more flexible and impact-resistant coating than epoxy is required.

temafloorPU uutinenTemafloor PU is also very suitable for coating asphalt as it gives a flexible surface and because of its solvent-free nature. The application properties of Temafloor PU are good. The end result is an even, bright surface, which is not as slippery as traditional, smooth epoxy resins.

Temafloor PU has proved to be more heat-resistant than corresponding epoxy coatings, and its chemical durability is also good. The floor is first primed with Temafloor 400 lacquer, and then the top of the wet surface is sprinkled with quartz sand to ensure adhesion. The surface is finished by evenly applying a well-stirred mixture of the polyol part of Temafloor PU and its hardener, using an adjustable or serrated trowel.

Releasing air bubbles from under the skin is ensured in the same way as with epoxy coatings, that is to say, with a spiked roller after finishing. Priming for coating asphalt is done by smoothly applying Temafloor PU with a metal or rubber trowel.

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