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TEMALAC SC-F high-solids alkyd topcoat – cost-efficient surface finishing solution

03.11.2009 16:15

Temalac SC-F, an anti-corrosive, is designed as an alkyd-based single coat.

Shopping centre SkanssiThe product can be applied in a single thick coat (recommended maximum film thickness 120 µm), which reduces the number of applications required. In addition, the product features excellent qualities typical for an alkyd topcoat: excellent spray properties and quick drying.


Temalac SC-F is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on blast-cleaned steel surfaces. It is recommended for steel structures blast-cleaned to grade Sa2½. The product is also suitable for containers, machinery and equipment. It contains anti-corrosive pigments that form a durable and flexible, highly weather resistant topcoat.




The effects of the VOC directive have been reflected in the development of new paint technology for many years. Quantities of detrimental solvents in products have been dramatically reduced, which has facilitated the further improvement of product qualities. The Temalac SC-F high-solids alkyd topcoat is an environmentally safe option. This product’s low VOC emissions meet the requirements of the VOC directive (2004/42/EY) and those of the future the Product VOC directive concerning industrial products. As proof of this product’s high quality, we have the pleasure of announcing that Karl Molin A/S - one of the largest steel structure manufacturers in Denmark - is using Temalac SC-F.


Efficient and fast tinting service by Temaspeed distributors


Special colors are gaining in significance and demand in industrial applications. The environment, branding and trends are of vital importance in selecting colors. Tinting facilitates the production of a limitless number of color shades. It brings cost-efficiency and serves the individual needs of small and large customers alike. The customer can always have the required shade at the right time, in the right tint and quantity. Temalac SC-F can be tinted using the Temaspeed Premium tinting system by Tikkurila.


The retail and tinting of Temalac SC-F is centralized with authorized Temaspeed distributors, who provide professional, rapid service for our customers both in Finland and most European countries.


At present, the product is available in two different grades of gloss:



Temalac SC-F 20
Temalac SC-F 40

- 618 series

- semimatt

- 617 series

- semigloss


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