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Tikkurila launches new UVITEC® 2D method for plane objects

14.04.2008 07:00

Tikkurila, which is responsible for Kemira's paints and coatings business, has developed in cooperation with Phoseon Technology a new ultraviolet light (UV) curing coating method UVITEC® 2D for two-dimensional objects such as parquet boards, doors and other furniture components made of wood or wood-based materials.

The new method is also suitable for plastic materials such as PVC flooring and plastic panels. With the new method, it is possible to replace traditional UV-curing devices in painting/coating lines.

The method includes UV-curing coatings LUMINOL and UVINOL, and a Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLM) UV LED light source from Phoseon Technology.

Uvitec 2D line

The main benefits of the new method are:

  • Very long lifetime for the UV LED light source (typically >10,000 hours)
  • Very low energy consumption (5–6kW/light source)
  • UV light source can be turned on/off even for seconds
  • Excellent deep curing of coating, also for pigmented products
  • Curing under inert atmosphere significantly improves surface resistance
  • Innovative low-flow inerting system requiring only compressed air input
  • Suitable for all wood materials and heat-sensitive plastic materials
  • Water-cooled UV light sources – no ventilation needed
  • Minor UV power reduction during UV lamp life
  • No ozone formation during UV curing

The investment need for the new device is estimated to be slightly higher than for traditional UV-curing devices on the market. Through the longer lifetime of the UV light source, the reduced consumption of energy, etc. will result in a pay-back time similar to that gained with traditional UV-curing devices on the market.

The new UVITEC 2D device will be supplied by Tikkurila Coatings in cooperation with partners, and the lacquers and paints will be supplied by Tikkurila Coatings.

The method will be launched on 13 November 2007 at the RadTech Europe Conference & Exhibition in Vienna, Austria. The first customer trials for the system are scheduled for early 2008.

For more information, please contact:

Jarmo Porokuokka, Director of Industrial Wood Coatings
GSM: 0400 814597

www.tikkurila.com, www.kemira.com, www.phoseon.com

Tikkurila (Kemira Coatings) is the leading supplier of paints in Northern and Eastern Europe, providing consumers and professionals with branded products in approximately 40 countries. The product range consists of decorative paints and coatings for the woodworking and metal industries. In 2006, the company had net sales of EUR 563 million and a payroll of 3,500 employees.

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