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Tikkurila’s water-borne paints used for living quarters module on Caspian Sea offshore platform

19.10.2011 14:20

It was the company's impressive track record in supplying water-borne systems in demanding environments that led to Tikkurila AB winning the contract with Apply Emtunga AB to provide a paint solution for a living quarters module on an offshore platform in the Caspian Sea.

Oil rig
An example of an offshore platform with a living quarters module from Apply Emtunga. PHOTO: EMTUNGA

It is self-evident for Tikkurila to assist its customers to select the most technically appropriate and environmentally sustainable solutions for their painting jobs. For individual consumers, the solution is often a water-borne product, but for industrial applications something more is required: precisely specified and internationally approved paint systems that can be fully or partially water-borne. Structures that are immersed in the earth or salt water have often even greater requirements: solvent-free or high-solids systems.


Tikkurila AB, Tikkurila’s sales company in Sweden since 1967, has extensive experience in supplying paints and coatings for demanding painting projects. In this case it is a hybrid water-borne system with a total dry-film thickness of 280 μm. The system fulfils the requirements of NORSOK, the toughest test in the industry, and the requirements of the standard ISO 20340 (Paints and varnishes – Performance requirements for protective paint systems for offshore and related structures).



New business opportunities


"There are much bigger companies than Tikkurila operating in this sector, but thanks to our strong track record, we are supplying paints for the living quarters module which Apply Emtunga will deliver for  installation on an offshore platform in the Caspian Sea,“ explains Lennart Björk, Sales Manager and Technical Manager for Industry at Tikkurila AB.

Apply Emtunga AB is the world's leading supplier of advanced modular facilities in structural steel to the oil and gas industry. They have a modular section concept which is based on the facility being divided into sections, which are designed, welded, painted and outfitted separately. The sections are then assembled into a complete unit either in Sweden or at the customer's location somewhere in the world.

The module sections for this project were manufactured in Emtunga, Sweden. The painting work was carried out indoors with high-pressure equipment except for the topcoat, which was sprayed with an airmix pistol. After applying a layer of paint, the item was allowed to air-dry, so it took two days to paint each item. The process was recently completed, and the module sections have now been transported by boat through the Russian canal system to the shipyard by the Caspian Sea, where they will be installed on the platform.


“Apply Emtunga has asked for our supervision during the installation phase, as the joints between the module sections will be painted at the site. Probably we will send one of our specialists to the Caspian Sea to be present, when they assemble the sections,” says Lennart Björk.


Dry-film thickness (μm)

Temazinc 99


Fontecoat EP 50 Beige


Fontecoat EP 50 Beige


Fontedur HB 80







Tikkurila's hybrid water-borne system, which fulfils the requirements of the NORSOK 501-M offshore standard, was used for painting the steel living quarters module produced by Apply Emtunga.



NORSOK sets strict requirements


The requirements of the NORSOK standard for protective paint systems are among the industry's toughest. Tests are carried out in accordance with the ISO 20340 standard. The figure presents the test cycle: the panel has to withstand 25 such cycles (six months), and it is required that corrosion does not spread more than 3 mm from the scratch made for the test. The painted panels must have an adhesion of min. 5 Mpa and an adhesion value reduction of max. 50% during the test. In addition, the paint system has to withstand overcoating with good adhesion following a completed test without the surface being sanded or prepared in any way.

Norsok ISO
SOURCE:  ISO 20340:2009(E)

Some examples of Tikkurila AB’s heavy-duty work


Below are just a few examples from Tikkurila AB's impressive track record in supplying water-borne paints and coatings in demanding environments:

ABB transformers
Two ABB transformers near the coast on Dukhan Road, Qatar. PHOTO: ABB
The world's largest offshore wind farm owned by Nord E.ON, with a total of 80 windmills, which will be connected to the German power grid. ABB produced all the transformers located in the middle of the North Sea with the world's toughest operating conditions. PHOTO: ABB


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