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Tikkurila's products to protect the Swedbank Arena

12.11.2010 14:15

Sweden’s new national stadium, the Swedbank Arena, currently under construction in Stockholm, is the latest achievement in Tikkurila's and Rautaruukki’s twenty year co-operation. The steel structures and roofing elements, supplied by Ruukki, will be painted with Tikkurila products, which are proved to have excellent resistance to challenging weather conditions and heavy wear and tear.

The construction of the Swedbank Arena commenced towards the end of 2009, with the project due for completion in August 2012. Peab AB, one of Sweden’s largest construction companies, is responsible for the building contract.

The stadium will be the largest in the Nordic countries, able to hold 50,000 spectators for football matches and 65,000 for concerts. Its sliding roof will facilitate its multipurpose use: football matches can be played under an open sky, but for other events, such as concerts and exhibitions, the stadium can be converted into an indoor hall.

Swedbank Arena

Ruukki has signed a contract with Peab for the manufacture and installation of supporting steel structures and roofing elements.

"This project is one of the largest we have ever been involved in, with a value totaling approximately 20 million euros. We will supply the stadium’s steel structures, most of which are made of high-strength steel. Because the entire manufacturing process and on-site installation are in our hands, we can demonstrate our expertise on a broad scale," comments Sampo Haapoja, Project Manager at Ruukki.

The steel structures delivered from Finland will be manufactured by Ruukki’s units in Ylivieska, Kalajoki and Peräseinäjoki. Production began in April 2010; the first delivery in early September 2010 allowed installation to begin. Ruukki has contracted the manufacture of roof elements out to Norway, while supplying the required steel material.

A valuable reference for Tikkurila

Prior to their dispatch for installation, all steel products manufactured by Ruukki for the Swedbank Arena will be painted with Tikkurila's products for the metal industry at Ruukki painting shops. Moreover, touch-up painting will be required on-site. Skill and patience will be required in such conditions, particularly in winter.

"The Swedbank Arena project is important to Tikkurila as a reference. The stadium is the only one of its kind in the Scandinavian market," says Ari Karjalainen, Key Account Manager at Tikkurila Oyj.

Building Swedbank ArenaPainting  progressing well

Temazinc 77 was chosen as the primer for Swedbank Arena steel structures, and Temacoat SPA Primer, specially developed for steel structures, as the intermediate coat. This paint dries very quickly, enabling the immediate finishing of the structures with the Temathane 50 polyurethane topcoat.

"While Peab specified the environmental classification requirements for coatings, we were able to influence the technical solution. Together with Tikkurila's experts, we assessed the most reasonable option in terms of total economy, with regard to the requirements and environmental aspects of our units," explains Haapoja.

"The Swedbank Arena is such a significant, large-scale project for our manufacturing process that we were reluctant to try out anything new and unknown. Instead, we decided to stick with familiar and well-proven products."

Painting was started in July 2010. By October, less than half of the total volume had been processed.

"Painting has progressed well and we are satisfied with the selected paint system."

Comprehensive cooperation with Ruukki

Building Swedbank ArenaKarjalainen describes the three product types chosen as well-proven, safe products that perform well.
"Product development has taken into account the requirements set for modern application lines. These products are fast drying and easy to apply from the painter’s viewpoint. Painting work runs smoothly; all three coats can be completed in the course of one day. This saves on costs and makes the paints price-competitive."

Tikkurila and Ruukki engage in close exchange of information on the characteristics of paints and coatings, their cooperation extending to the training of painters. Ruukki takes care of their basic training and induction, whereas, on an annual basis, Tikkurila representatives arrange training events lasting a few days. They also familiarize workers with newly introduced paints, for example. 

Karjalainen, who has experience as a painting-shop production manager, emphasizes the significance of paint usability.

"When developing products and application lines, you must examine their characteristics from the viewpoint of users, i.e. those engaged in actual painting work. The opinions and experiences of painters are vital, even in terms of money."

For more information about the Swedbank Arena, go to www.swedbankarenan.se.

Text: Liisa Strann     
Photos: Ari Karjalainen and Swedbank arena

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