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Tintable spray cans for easy repair painting are available at Temaspeed distributors

18.03.2011 13:09

Tikkurila's Temaspray and Fontespray aerosol paints are easy to use for painting of small objects and repairing surfaces that might have been damaged during transportation, installation and usage. Small painting defects are also easy to cover discretely.

Tikkurila's range of aerosol paints are based on our one- and two-component paints and lacquers, both solvent-borne and water-borne. The aerosol cans contain propellant and solvents, and after adding the selected paint, the aerosol is immediately ready to be used.

Your nearest Temaspeed distributor will first tint the correct paint to the selected colour shade, and then fill it up for you into the aerosol can.  All those colours that are normally available for the topcoats can also be filled into the spray cans, e.g. RAL Classic, RAL Effect, NCS, SSG, BS and Symphony colours.

Temaspeed spray cansOne-component Tikkurila products suitable for spray cans are:

Fontespray 1C - new water-borne product!
- Fontelac QD 80 alkyd topcoat

Temaspray 1C
- Temaprime EE, alkyd primer
- Temaprime EUR, alkyd primer
- Temaprime GF, alkyd primer
- Temanyl PVB Primer, adhesion primer
- Temalac AB 70, alkyd topcoat*
- Temalac FD 20 / 50 / 80, alkyd topcoat*
- Temalac ML 90, alkyd topcoat
- Miranol, alkyd paint

*NOTE! Also metallic colours are available in spray cans with Temalac AB 70 and Temalac FD 80!

Two-component Tikkurila products suitable for spray cans are:

Temaspray 2C
- Temadur 20 / 50 / 90, polyurethane topcoat*
- Temadur Clear, polyurethane lacquer
- Temadur SC 50 / 80, polyurethane topcoat
- Temathane 50 / 90, polyurethane topcoat

*NOTE! Also metallic colours are available in spray cans with Temadur 90!

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