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Wood finishes product range will be renewed as of 1 April 2009

17.04.2009 10:42

We started a renewal project in autumn 2008 to build a product range offering higher quality and greater added value to our customers.

Tikkurila wood finishes have benefited from a strong development phase, and several new products have been launched. We are now renewing our product range by removing overlapping products. Our products have also been renamed to facilitate identification. Additionally, the product range will be harmonised and the visibility of our strongest products will be increased.

Trade names changed

In wood water-borne products, the names Pinja and Akvi have been used for both indoor and outdoor products. To facilitate identification of the products, wood water-borne products for indoor use will have the prefix Akvi and products for outdoor use will have the prefix Pinja.

Lacquers for indoor use have the prefix Akvilac, primers will be named Akvi Primer and finishing paints become Akvi Top.  Names for wood water-borne window paints for outdoor use will be changed to Pinja Flex. Prefixes for wood water-borne UV-curing will remain as Luminol, 100% UV-borne remain as Uvinol and catalysed lacquers remain as Merit. In catalysed paints, the prefix remains Diccoplast, with a few exceptions. Name changes in these other product groups are minor.

You will find more detailed information on changes in the names and codes for water-borne products in a separate attachment in the centre spread of this magazine.

Product range will be harmonised

The number of sales items in wood finishes has increased substantially. To improve our service, we will reduce the number of products in stock and remove some less popular or overlapping products. It is our objective to improve the availability of both auxiliary products and order products.

Harmonisation of the product range will allow us to provide a better service to our domestic and overseas customers.

More visibility for the strongest products

Globalisation and expansion of our markets requires us to expand our Temaspeed distributor network and increase customer familiarity with our products. We are supporting this by, e.g. making the trade names for wood water-borne products clearer and adding more information to the product descriptions.

Temaspeed distributors allow us to offer our customers a strong range of basic wood finishes supplemented according to the needs of our customer sector and with new innovations. With our extensive distributor network, availability of these basic products is guaranteed in Finland and abroad.

A competitive product range requires constant updating, systematic product management and new product launches. A successful product is a sign of a close co-operation between Tikkurila and their customers.

Download the renewed wood product list here

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