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Tikkurila Privacy Policy

About this Policy

Tikkurila is committed to protecting your personal data and follows the applicable legislation related to data protection. This Privacy Policy describes how Tikkurila processes personal data. For the purposes of this Policy, personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.
By using Tikkurila's website you accept the terms of this Tikkurila Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. In case you do not agree on the abovementioned terms, please do not use these websites.

Processed Data

Tikkurila collects such personal data that is necessary for the relevant purpose of use, for example names, addresses, contact information, data needed for providing goods and services to you as a customer and feedback related to Tikkurila's products and activities. The data is collected mainly directly from the persons whom the data concerns.

Purposes of Processing

Tikkurila may collect and process personal data for the following purposes, among others:
1) For contacting both consumers and professional customers and their representatives for example in customer service related matters.
2) For marketing Tikkurila's products and services. In case the applicable legislation requires that the sender shall receive recipient's prior written consent, such consent shall first be obtained by Tikkurila.
3) For processing feedback given on Tikkurila's activities, and for evaluating and developing Tikkurila's products and services.
4) For carrying out the rights and obligations related to a contract between Tikkurila and the person whose data is being processed.
5) For meeting the requirements of applicable legislation.

Protecting Personal Data

Tikkurila is committed to taking the necessary technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data. These measures include using encryption methods, access control, controlled administration of user rights and instructing the employees engaged in processing personal data.

Transfer of Personal Data

Tikkurila may disclose your personal data to other companies within Tikkurila Group and to such third parties who are authorized to process the data on Tikkurila's behalf.
Tikkurila may transfer your personal data outside the country where the data is being processed. Tikkurila is committed to making sure that such transfer is allowed according to the applicable legislation and that your data is appropriately protected regardless of the geographical location.

Your Rights as a Data Subject

You have as a data subject certain rights related to processing of your data. You are entitled to:

1)    Ask Tikkurila to confirm if we are processing personal data about you. You also have the right to receive a copy of this data in intelligible form.

2)    Ask for the deletion or updating of personal data related to you that is incomplete, unnecessary, incorrect or outdated.

3)    Unsubscribe from receiving marketing material from Tikkurila

Please note that the local applicable legislation may set forth additional conditions for processing personal data and your rights as a data subject.


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Additional Terms

In addition to this Policy, Tikkurila may give additional information and set additional terms for processing of personal data for example related to specific situations like campaigns and marketing activities. Tikkurila reserves the right to modify and change this privacy policy at any time.  In case you have any questions related to processing of personal data, please contact info.fi@tikkurila.com.