Product development with the future in mind

About Tikkurila

The prime concern in Tikkurila's product development is to meet the changing needs of customers, with environmental issues and product safety in mind. Our mission is to create new products as well as improve existing ones and to adapt them to meet the demands of new applications. At the same time, they have to comply with increasingly stringent environmental standards.

New challenges created by REACH

The new European Chemicals Regulation (REACH) entered into force in June 2007. Companies manufacturing and importing chemicals are obliged to assess the risks related to product use and provide instructions on how to use chemicals safely. The Regulation thus increases Tikkurila's responsibility to inform its customers about the health effects of its products. Health and safety data sheets provide the most important channel of information to consumers and professionals alike.

All substances manufactured or imported in quantities exceeding one tonne per year will be registered in the REACH database maintained by the European Chemicals Agency. There are around 30,000 chemicals like this in use in Europe. Unregistered substances may not be manufactured or imported.

Registration requires that chemicals manufacturers and importers acquire information about issues including the hazardous qualities of substances, their forms of use and safe handling. Paints in themselves are not substances referred to by the Regulation. Instead, they are mixtures of them. Therefore paints need not be registered, but all substances contained in paint must be registered.