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Choosing a colour from colour card

Many people find it difficult to choose colours from colour cards, as a small sample is unable to convey the colour’s true nature and intensity. A good starting point is to choose slightly lighter and more muted hues from the colour card than you had first thought. Large expanses of colour appear to be more intense than small samples.

In the case of very light and muted tones, bolder choices are possible as these tones are themselves restrained and subdued. If you are specifically looking for a coloured rather than a near-white wall, it is usually worth selecting the next darker shade on the colour card. Indoors, pure white is generally only used for ceilings, and other shades of white are in fact off-white. As well as “Painters’ White” (G497), many useful alternatives are shown in Row F at the top of the Symphony colour card.

Use the appropriate colour cards to select indoor colours

Tunne vari collection

Feel the Colour Collection

263 shades for interior paints that will inspire, excite, relax, stimulate and ultimately make you feel good about the spaces you live in


colourcard floor paints

Floor Paints

20 shades for creating an individual world of colour

colourcard Tunto

Tunto Fine and Coarse - Colour Card for Tunto Textured Finish

The Tunto collection includes a new type of textured coating that can be used to create three-dimensional coloured surfaces.

colourcard translucent

Interior lacquer colour card

30 translucent colours for interior use - suitable for every wooden surface in your house

Colour card available at your local retailer

Exterior colours

colourcard facade


240 colours for masonry and wooden surfaces.

colourcard Puutalot

Wooden Facades

120 colours suitable for exterior use on a neutral grey background sorted by colour groups.

colourcard Vinha

Vinha - Valtti Opaque

30 natural colours that go with the surrounding scenery in all seasons.

colourcard Peltikattomaalit

Sheet Metal Roof Paints

Collection of most popular Tikkurila colours for sheet metal roofs and other metal surfaces

colourcard Valtti woodoils and woodfinishes

Semi-transparent wood finishes colour card

40 translucent colours for wood oils and lacquers for exterior use

Various painting guides include all kinds of suggestions for patterning and furniture renovation, for example.

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