Earthy and bold colors of Minerals color collection

The Minerals color collection brings together the classical elements of air and earth. Broken reds with brown shades, pale sand, all the shades of blue and dark grey fit together perfectly, as they do in nature. Be bold and combine only warm shades or play with the combination of cool and red-toned colors in your interior. 


Natural, earthy shades inspired the color workshop

Tikkurila 2018 color collection Minerals is the fruit of the collaborative effort of Tikkurila Design Manager Marika Raike, Trend analyst Nina Bruun and Creative director Päivi Häikiö. 
“Scandinavian style is gradually moving towards a more European, earthy palette. Different textures and gloss grades add a whole new dimension to color combinations,” says Nina Bruun, describing the ideas behind the 2018 collection. 

“The calming tones are almost like a protest against the constant noise and bustle that surrounds us in our daily lives. The neutral, natural colors breathe calm and serenity,” Marika Raike says, describing the sources of their inspiration. 

Minerals color collection:

Terracotta N405
Etruscan S471
Merino Y458
Serpentine V447
Straw H456
Wrought Iron Y500
Rooibos M476
Beetroot M425
Driftwood V484
Piazza Y487
Secret X438
Ink M350