N405 Terracotta Color of the Year

Once a year, Tikkurila selects The Color of the Year, which reflects current trends, phenomena and atmosphere. The Color of the Year 2018 is N405 Terracotta. 


Warm terracotta N405
Terracotta N405

Bring warmth to the interior design with the Terracotta shade

Reminiscent of red clay, the Color of the Year N405 Terracotta represents the earthy, rich shades of the Color Now 2018 Minerals collection. The strong Terracotta is made up of pigments that reflect warm light. On a south-facing surface, the yellow-shaded natural light will light up the red pigments and make it the focus of attention. The cooler northern light will bring the more serene brown shades to the fore. Play with the light and use Terracotta to bring warmth to any type of interior design.