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The ABC of colour selection


When selecting colours, focus on the big picture

All colours are beautiful in the right place. There are no wrong colours, only incorrect colour selections. Even if one single colour in the scheme is changed, all the other colours will have to be re-evaluated as well.

A pleasing colour scheme is created from mutually compatible colours. Each colour interacts with all the other colours around it.

Colours make a profound impact in closed spaces, and affect the way people feel within them. They can also be used to divert attention to selected details, to direct people, to communicate and to provide information.

Colours can also help to obscure and conceal non-essential elements within a space. Moreover, colours can be used to influence people’s behaviour and persuade them to respond in a certain way.

To make colour selection easier, it is worth mastering a few simple basic principles of chromatics and knowing how colours affect people and spaces.

ABC of colour selection Bedroom Scandinavian-style interior design emphasizes timelessness and simplicity. Calm, light colours reminiscent of snow and ice create a tranquil ambience. Pearly surfaces are ideal for a cool mood. The end walls are painted with Taika Pearl Glaze.

Sonja Ikonen, Colour Designer / Interior Architect (BA Hons)

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