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Tinting in manufacturing processes

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Lean manufacturing principles and advanced tinting systems open up entirely new possibilities when choosing colours for manufactured goods. As individuals, our customers have their own personal colour preferences, and as suppliers, we should meet their requirements to our mutual benefit.

In recent times, significant developments have allowed manufacturing and coating processes to become more flexible. Lean principles form the basis for the entire manufacturing process. Actual manufacturing only begins after the customer has made a firm order.

Colour choice as part of the process

Choosing customers’ favourite colours from an extensive selection or colour matching their favourite colours should form an integral part of the manufacturing process. This so-called “mass customization” will clearly increase product value to the customers more than the actual cost of this mass customization. Effective mass customization has proved to be one of the leading philosophies behind successful manufacturing enterprises.

The technical tools are readily available and already here. Colour matching with spectrophotometers, now more common as point-of-sale instruments, allows paint to be mixed instantly to provide a match for almost any surface or colour sample.

Flexible changes made possible

Modern painting lines have been designed for flexible adaptation to colour change. Older models can easily be modified to allow for colour changes.

Modern tinting systems can instantly produce even small amounts of coloured, liquid paints. To maximize the benefits, tinting should be carried out as close as possible to the point of application. Tinting can also accurately produce the small amounts needed for touch-up and repair painting.

Tinting is also a cost-effective process for producing even sizable orders of up to 1000 litres. Only the largest orders and colours in continuous high-volume demand should be produced at the paint factory.

Tinting is a precisely defined and controlled system. A colour produced today can therefore be accurately reproduced later on with the same system.