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Welcome to an exciting new way to choose interior colours for your home.


Our Feel the Colour collection contains 263 shades for interior paints that will inspire, excite, relax, stimulate and ultimately make you feel good about the spaces you live in.


You can find painting tips and ideas for colour selections in our painting guides and on our website. 

So read on. Because the sooner you find out more about how our paint range can make you feel, the sooner you can sit back and enjoy the results.


Tunne vari yellows


Yellows and oranges bring a happy, energetic ambience to a space. They work best as accent colours. That’s because over a large surface, a strong yellow or orange may make a space seem smaller. For that reason we’d recommend combining these vibrant colours with others that are less bold, such as white.

Tunne vari reds


Bright, strong reds are intense colours that “come at you” .They exude fire and radiate warmth. Lighter shades of red create a more tranquil and romantic atmosphere.

Red appears clean and sharp when combined with white, or strong and powerful when matched with darker colours.


Tunne vari blues


Blue can make you feel cool and calm. Combine it with white and you will be transported to a tranquil location by the sea. Violet can also impart a feeling of coolness to a space. But when violet becomes a strong purple the feeling of coolness is replaced by drama. When violet takes on a lighter shade it changes again, creating an ambience of contemplation.


Tunne vari greens


Green is nature’s favourite colour.

You can see it used everywhere to create an endless combination of calming, beautiful spaces.

If you take nature’s lead for your interiors, you can use the many shades of green just as it does; piquant limes and mint greens to freshen; darker moss and coniferous greens to provide you with feelings of relaxation and harmony.


Tunne vari whites


White is an important colour.

On its own, it can calm like no other colour, making any interior feel spacious, crisp and light.

Perhaps more importantly white makes every other colour look good too.

White always complements, never clashes. And it doesn’t just complement other colours. Combining its warm and cool shades with other materials and surfaces (such as stone walls and wooden floors) will result in a décor that is beautifully unified.


Tunne vari warm earth tones


By harnessing nature’s colour palette of warm earthy tones (such as sand, stone, and wood) you have a range of colours that can bring harmony to your interior design. Using lighter tones will create a calm background for interior designs that have strong feature colours.


Tunne vari cool earth tones


Nature’s colour palette is just as generous when it comes to cool greys. The lighter shades provide an excellent background for today’s modern interior design. The darker tones, if used extensively can diminish the sense of space, but when used more sparingly, provide an interior with poise and style.



Feelings Interior Paint, Joker, Feelings Extra Durable



Feelings Furniture Paint, Empire, Miranol

The colours are as close to the original as technically possible.


The colour samples of this colour card have been produced using Tikkurila paint and colourants.  We can guarantee colour accuracy only in Tikkurila paints.

Lighting conditions, the smoothness of the paint surface and its gloss can all affect colour perception. Always make your colour selection under similar lighting conditions to where the colour will be used.


* To ensure the exact shade, the colours marked with an asterisk are tinted in 3 litre or larger cans.