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Ideas for painting

Summer is here!

With handy tips and a dash of paint you can work wonders. Check out what you can do to cheer up your friends and your garden.
Summer is here!

Tunto - Textured finishes for interior walls

Colour has never been such a tactile adventure. Texture and colour have finally met each other.
Tunto -  Textured finishes for interior walls

Taika creates a thousand and one different ambiences

Have you always admired the sumptuousness and splendour of baroque? Or have you been more interested in creating subtle details in your home?
Taika creates thousand and one atmospheres

The magic of Christmas!

Create the magic of Christmas with gleaming Taika Pearl Paint.

Taika Christmas ideas

Taika "Magic Christmas Balls"

Take your worn-out Christmas tree decorations and turn them into “Taika Christmas Balls” using Taika Pearl Paint or Taika Pearl Glaze.
Taika Christmas Balls

Hot trends in wall decor

Various graphic figures are fashionable in decoration at the moment. Comics, pop art or even photographs offer a myriad of forms.
Hot trends in wall decor

Scraping figures into view

For centuries, the Sgraffito technique of scraping has been used for decoration purposes. It is fascinating, as endless combinations of paints, colours and figures are possible.

Special effects with textured surfaces

Sometimes you do not even need paint, as wall surfaces treated with filler can be left unpainted.
Special effects with textured surfaces

Paint your own projector wall

Tikkurila Feelings Interior Paint is a truly versatile paint, as many home theatre builders have discovered to their benefit.
Paint your own silver screen

Reflected light creates patterns

Glossy finishes are fun to experiment with in spaces where beautiful natural light from widows falls obliquely upon the surfaces.

Reflected light creates patterns

Colour the mood

Create a new look for your home. Let colours and light play over surfaces and shapes. Accent this, fade out that. Combine with subtle restraint or decisive boldness.
Colour the mood

Think twice before throwing anything out

Repainting old industrially produced furniture is easy. Their paintwork is usually so durable that it is enough to just sand the surface before repainting.
Furniture painting

Colour cards