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Freshly washed

It is not always necessary to paint. Sometimes just washing is enough.

Summer is here_washing

Take care of your old garden furniture by washing them regularly. Among Tikkurila’s range of detergents you will find an appropriate product for your needs. The alternatives are Tehopesu Power Clean, Huoltopesu Maintenance Cleaner, Homeenpoisto Mould Removal, Maalipesu Cleaning Agent, Panssaripesu Roof Cleaning Agent and Pensselipesu Tool Cleaner.

Summer is here_washing

Here are a few summer cleaning tips:

Clean carpets: Add salt or vinegar to the last rinse water. The colours become brighter and they don't spread when the carpet dries. Place striped carpets to dry so that the water flows down along the stripes.

For harmful events: Clean fresh paint splashes from clothes with Pensselipesu Tool Cleaner. Do a trial in an inconspicuous spot. Finally rinse well.

You get big soap bubbles when you add a drop of syrup to the water in addition to liquid dish soap.

For removal of dandelion stain:  Rub liquid laundry detergent into a fresh stain, scrub and rinse with tepid water. Wash with bleach-containing laundry detergent on as hot wash programme as possible.


Homeenpoisto (Mould Removal)


Hypochlorite solution for mould removal.  

The paint is water-borne Tool: spray

Huoltopesu (Maintenance Cleaner )


Regular treatment with Tikkurila Huoltopesu Maintenance Cleaner keeps wood façades in good condition by preventing micro-organisms that thrive especially on dirty surfaces from adhering and growing.

The paint is water-borne

Maalipesu (Cleaning Agent)


Walls, floors, furniture, doors, building boards, boats, etc.

Cleans unpainted surfaces by removing dirt, grease, oil, wax etc. Also suitable for pre-treatment of hard and glossy paint surfaces prior to painting. Undiluted Maalipesu cleans the surface and generates a matt finish that improves adhesion of the new paint coat.


Latex and other matt paint surfaces can be pre-treated with diluted Maalipesu (1 part Maalipesu, 10 parts water or 1 part Maalipesu, 5 parts water). 

Maalipesu is especially suitable for cleaning very dirty surfaces, where strong dissolving power is needed without the adverse effects of solvents. Maalipesu is not recommended for washing a metal roof or used directly on unpainted galvanized surface.

The paint is suitable for interior walls The paint is suitable for exterior walls The paint is suitable for interior floors The paint is water-borne

Panssaripesu - Roof cleaning agent


Cleaning agent for cleaning zinc-coated surfaces prior to painting. Emulsifies dirt, grease, oil etc.

The paint is suitable for roofs The paint is water-borne

Tehopesu - Super Clean


Ideal for washing and enhancing painted and unstained surfaces such as wooden patios, fences, walls, garden furniture and lattices and for cleaning plastic surfaces.

The paint is suitable for interior walls The paint is suitable for exterior walls The paint is water-borne Tool: roller Tool: brush
The coverage of the paint on rough surfaces
The coverage of the paint on smooth surfaces