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Metal is in

Metals shine out among the new interior design materials. The return of metallic colours has been apparent for some time in both clothing and interior decoration fashion. Curtaining materials, wallpapers and small household objects glisten with a metallic sheen.    
Metal is in
Metal is in

Perhaps only a glimpse of metallic sheen is apparent in furniture. 

All the bedroom walls have been painted with Taika Pearl Glaze using criss-cross strokes to make the surface appear more vivid.

Many people experiment with metallic colours on small surfaces, such as ornaments, picture frames or stencil patterns. Taika Pearl Paint comes in small 1/8 litre and 0.225 litre tins and is ideally suited for decorative details.

Large, metal-coloured walls act as an assertive interior decoration element. Rich golden tones are suitable where an intimate and somewhat festive atmosphere is desired. Oriental furniture and small objects come to the fore against a wall painted in Taika Pearl Paint Gold.

Interesting and impressive effects can also be achieved by using tinted Taika Pearl Paint. The Sole tint has an aura of old gold while Terra is reminiscent of copper brown.

A silver sheen helps emphasize modern and futuristic environments. Contrasts are sought from different things: for example, warm wooden surfaces and a silvery background form a homely unit.

 Metal is in  Metal is in

Stencilling makes it possible to apply metallic geometric patterns to walls.

Pay attention to painting techniques when working with metallic colours. Spraying is best suited to smooth and even wall surfaces. Large surfaces are best covered by first painting with a mohair roller, after which the paint surface can be evened out by brushing with vertical or criss-crossing strokes.

 Metal is in  Metal is in

A beautiful silver sheen is ideal for public areas. The uneven surface reflects light in different directions.  

Metal surfaces reflect light attractively. Silver placed next to warm-coloured wood looks both elegant and cosy.


Taika Helmiaislasyyri hopea 1L[2]

Taika - Pearl Glaze

Apply onto a coat of Tikkurila acrylate wall paint such as Harmony/Feelings Interior Paint. Because Taika Pearl Glaze is transparent, the colour of the primer (e.g. Harmony) will have a critical effect on the final look. Good lighting accentuates the fancy effect. Find recommendations for colour choices from Taika colour card.

Coverage: approx. 8 -12 m2/l (depending on application method). Paint calculator
Application method: Brush, effect roller, spray. For application use a short-pile roller. Use brush or effect roller to create different surface patterns.
Conventional spray: fluid nozzle 1.8mm, thinning up to 40 % with water.

Thinner: Water
Colour Cards: Taika
Product data sheet Safety Data Sheet - TAIKA Pearl Glaze
Taika Helmiaismaali kulta 1L[1]

Taika - Pearl Paint

For interior painting on wooden, wood fibre board, particle board and metallic surfaces and plasterboard (gypsum board), concrete and similar wall surfaces.

Coverage: 6-8 m2/l. Paint calculator
Application method:

Methods: brush (synthetic), effect roller, spray. Use brush or effect roller to create different surface patterns.

For example conventional spray: nozzle size 1.8mm, thinning up to 40 % with water.

On spray application always make a test spraying.

Thinner: Water
Colour Cards: Taika
Product data sheet Safety data sheet