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A sense of spaciousness


The spaciousness of an urban loft apartment and the stone wall’s down-to-earth industrial aesthetic together form a natural balance.


Tunto Fine, 1st coat X497 Lava, 2nd coat J487 Dolomite


X497 Lava J487 Dolomite

Two-coat application with steel trowel

Difficulty level III Tool - roller
Tool -  steel spatula



Apply Tunto Fine X497 Lava with a roller over an area of one sq.metre at a time.


Level the coating thinly in a criss-cross pattern with a wide steel trowel and allow to dry.


Apply Tunto Fine J487 Dolomite over the previous coat with a roller.


Work on smaller areas at a time and spread the coating with a wide steel trowel, applying pressure to enable the darker coating underneath to become visible.

Cleaning Tunto surfaces
Clean Tunto Fine surfaces with a clean, slightly moist cloth. Vacuuming is the best way to clean Tunto Coarse surfaces.



Tunto Hieno - Fine Textured Finish

Suitable for new or previously painted concrete, screeded surface, brick, wooden fibreboard, gypsum board or chipboard wall surfaces when a textured coating is desired. TUNTO Fine can also be applied on ceilings.

Coverage: 1-9m2/l depending on the painting method as follows:
- thick rolling 1-1,5m2/l
- thin rolling 4-5 m2/l
- brushing 2-2,5m2/l
- thick spatula 2-2,5m2/l
- thin spatula 7-9m2/l

Paint calculator
Application method: Apply with roller and for patterning use e.g. a wide brush, wallpaper knife, firm brush or patterning roller.
Thinning: With water

Thinner: Water
Colour Cards: Tunto Fine and Coarse
Product data sheet Safety data sheet

Tunto Colour Card