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A kaleidoscope of colours with Flake Lacquer

Mosaic flake lacquerMosaic Flake Lacquer is an exciting way of playing with colours. Flake Lacquer conveniently offers you both wall and floor finishes, as well as various types of patterns.

The patterning is created with the undercoat, on top of which Flake Lacquer has been rollered.

By combining different undercoat colours and various Flake Lacquers, you can create a richly expressive and uniquely individual finish.

Create a beautiful special-effect motif effortlessly with Mosaic Flake Lacquer. Wall colour Feelings Interior Paint 4573, stripe Feelings Interior Paint 4575.


Carefully stir a can of Mosaic flakes into three litres of Mosaic lacquer.
Stir it from time to time during application
Mosaic flake lacquer
Roll an even coat of Mosaic Flake Lacquer on to a Tikkurila acrylate paint surface.

For best results, apply the lacquer with a roller in crisscross strokes, and finish off with upward strokes.

While wet, the lacquer coat will appear to be pale, but it will brighten as it dries.


Feelings Interior Paint

Feelings Interior Paint

Full-matt low-odour waterborne acrylate paint for use on interior walls and ceilings. Offers good wash-resistance. Suitable for plaster, concrete, filler treated, brick, cardboard surfaces, also for card-boarded gypsum board, chipboard and wooden fibre board surfaces.

Suitable for new and previously painted surfaces. Not suitable for painting doors or furniture.

Coverage: 10-12 m2/l for non-absorbing surfaces
7-9 m²/l for absorbing surfaces
The above should be used as a guide, as actual spreading rates will depend upon many factors including texture, porosity and application method.

Paint calculator
Application method: Brush, roller or spray application. For airless spray use a 0.017” – 0.021” spray tip.
Thinning: if necessary thin by up to 10% with water.
Thinner: Water
Colour Cards: Symphony 2436
Product data sheet Safety data sheet

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