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Touch reveals the form of a surface

Structural variation and contrast can work wonders on a wall. Not only a glossy-matt contrast, but also a rough-smooth contrast can bring a room to life in new ways. Whether the surface is rough, grooved or smooth, you can feel the difference.

Touch reveals the form of a surface

Touch reveals the form of a surface
A Tunto Fine Textured Finish was used for the lower part and the bedroom wall border motif. Stencilled patterns painted with this coating produce a subtle texture.

Many will surely recall the white dash-bond coated wall surfaces and vaulted arches typical of the 1970s and 80s. Inspired by trips to the Mediterranean, they were used for walls and arches in restaurants and private homes.

Fashions change, and so do wall finishes. Today, wall surfaces do not need to be rough or thick - even gentle brushing in a criss-cross pattern will lend a soft texture to walls that is inviting to touch.

Walls finished with Tunto Fine can be transparently coloured with Feelings Effect Paint, for example. The finish is porous and absorbs colour, leaving a soft finish reminiscent of watercolours. Any Tikkurila interior paint can be used to paint over decorative paint finish, and Taika Pearl Glaze range can lend a fascinating sheen to it.

Touch reveals the form of a surface
A light-coloured wall painted with Feelings interior paint was decorated with large flowers using a Tunto Fine Textured Finish. An elegant solution for an elegant and vivacious interior designer.

Tunto Fine Textured Finish lends itself to any number of patterns on smooth, painted walls. Wallpaper brushes, paintbrushes, brooms or even dishwashing brushes are all suitable for texturing a decorative finish. A rubber spatula can also produce wonderful stucco effects.

Touch reveals the form of a surface Touch reveals the form of a surface
Touch reveals the form of a surface Touch reveals the form of a surface

Using different tools can produce impressive results. A Tunto Fine finish can be given a translucent colour wash using a mixture of Feelings Effect Paint and water mixed in equal amounts.


Feelings EffectFinish 1L WEB

Feelings Effect Finish

Interior walls in rooms on surfaces which have been previously painted with Feelings Interior Paint. Not suitable for painting doors or furniture.

Coverage: 13-18 m2/l. depending on application method. The above should be used as a guide, as actual spreading rates will depend upon many factors including texture and porosity of the substrate. Paint calculator
Application method:

Brush or roller application. Finishing with effect roller, brush or other patterning tool.

Thinner: Water
Colour Cards: Symphony 2436
Product data sheet Safety Data Sheet - Feelings Effect Paint

Tunto Hieno - Fine Textured Finish

Suitable for new or previously painted concrete, screeded surface, brick, wooden fibreboard, gypsum board or chipboard wall surfaces when a textured coating is desired. TUNTO Fine can also be applied on ceilings.

Coverage: 1-9m2/l depending on the painting method as follows:
- thick rolling 1-1,5m2/l
- thin rolling 4-5 m2/l
- brushing 2-2,5m2/l
- thick spatula 2-2,5m2/l
- thin spatula 7-9m2/l

Paint calculator
Application method: Apply with roller and for patterning use e.g. a wide brush, wallpaper knife, firm brush or patterning roller.
Thinning: With water

Thinner: Water
Colour Cards: Tunto Fine and Coarse
Product data sheet Safety data sheet
Taika Helmiaislasyyri hopea 1L[2]

Taika - Pearl Glaze

Apply onto a coat of Tikkurila acrylate wall paint such as Harmony/Feelings Interior Paint. Because Taika Pearl Glaze is transparent, the colour of the primer (e.g. Harmony) will have a critical effect on the final look. Good lighting accentuates the fancy effect. Find recommendations for colour choices from Taika colour card.

Coverage: approx. 8 -12 m2/l (depending on application method). Paint calculator
Application method: Brush, effect roller, spray. For application use a short-pile roller. Use brush or effect roller to create different surface patterns.
Conventional spray: fluid nozzle 1.8mm, thinning up to 40 % with water.

Thinner: Water
Colour Cards: Taika
Product data sheet Safety Data Sheet - TAIKA Pearl Glaze

Colour cards