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Frequently asked questions about exterior painting

Must rust always be removed before painting a metal surface?

Must mould always be removed before painting a surface?

The socle of our house was painted a couple of years ago. A light-coloured, "frost-like" layer developed on the surface, and the paintwork cracked and peeled off in places. What is the problem?

I repainted the internal doors of our home in an outdoor shed using Empire Furniture Paint. It has been several days now, but the paintwork is not yet completely dry. Is there something wrong with the product?

On the last day of my holidays I worked long hours to finish painting my house on time. The paint I used was oil-based Teho. The surfaces that I painted last were clearly duller than the surfaces painted earlier. What went wrong?

How should I repaint my PVC-plastic coated tin roof where the coating is partly peeling off?

I have a new concrete floor in my garage that I would like to paint. How should I do it and with what?

I am building a new log cabin by a lake. I’ve been wondering about surface treatment. When should a new log building be painted and what products should be used for this purpose?

How can I find out what type of paint has been used to paint the timber cladding on my house?

What paint should I use to paint the floor and handrail of a new terrace made of pressure-impregnated timber?

What is the best weather for painting outdoors?

The roof of our house was rebuilt and covered with zinc-coated metal sheeting. When can I paint it?
There are several recommendations regarding the right time to paint zinc-coated surfaces. Some experts recommend painting immediately after the sheets are installed, others after several years of oxidization. If a zinc-coated surface is painted when it is still relatively new, problems may be caused by the white-rust agent that may weaken adhesion if it not removed effectively during preparation, or excessively glossy and smooth surfaces to which the paint fails to adhere properly. Therefore it is advisable to wait at least one winter to allow the sheet to become dull and weathered before painting. If you want to paint the roof immediately, first clean it thoroughly with Panssaripesu Roof Cleaning Agent.

Why have the colour of the external walls of my house changed over the years?