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Frequently asked questions about interior painting

How do I repaint interior walls and ceilings discoloured by soot or tobacco?

I would like to have more colour in the steam room of my sauna. Can I apply a tintable sauna protection agent to the steam room benches as well?

I painted an old table and now there are air blisters on the surface. Why is that?
An alkyd paint or lacquer may develop blisters for a number of reasons:
  • Brushes contain foreign particles. Both new and old brushes must be cleaned thoroughly before use and all loose hairs and impurities removed.
  • You may have applied alkyd paint with a brush recently cleaned with water and not left to dry properly.
  • You may have held in the brush in the wrong position when applying the paint. Try different angles of application.
  • You may have been brushing the strokes too quickly when applying the paint. Re-brush the surface slowly to break the blisters.
After stirring the paint, let it stand for a while before application.

How can I apply a translucent colour to a wooden floor?

What paints can I use on children’s toys?

I painted my bookshelf using water-based Feelings Furniture Paint. Brush marks are clearly visible on the surface. What went wrong?

Can melamine, MDF and water-resistant plywood be painted? The surface feels too smooth for any paint to stick to it.

We have a lacquered panel ceiling in the living room. Over time, it has darkened and turned yellow. The room looks pretty gloomy, and I would like to have a transparent light-coloured ceiling that leaves the wooden surface visible. Can it be done?

How can I paint the concrete-faced fire wall in the sauna steam room?

I am planning to paint all the internal walls in my flat. Can I apply paint directly onto the wallpaper?

How can I neatly remove masking tape from the wall? Sometimes part of the tape sticks to the wall, or some of the paint comes off with the tape.

I am interested in pattern painting but I don’t really trust my own skills. Can an ordinary DIY painter do it properly?