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Frequently asked questions about interior painting

How do I repaint interior walls and ceilings discoloured by soot or tobacco?

I would like to have more colour in the steam room of my sauna. Can I apply a tintable sauna protection agent to the steam room benches as well?

I painted an old table and now there are air blisters on the surface. Why is that?

How can I apply a translucent colour to a wooden floor?

What paints can I use on children’s toys?

I painted my bookshelf using water-based Feelings Furniture Paint. Brush marks are clearly visible on the surface. What went wrong?
While modern waterborne furniture paints are easy and safe to use, there are a number of things to consider:

  • If the paint dries too quickly, lower the temperature and/or increase humidity. Wipe the surface to be painted with a damp sponge or cloth. To increase air humidity, hang laundry to dry indoors or spray water into the air. Please note that excessive humidity prevents the paint from drying normally.

  • Make tests to determine the correct thickness of the coat of paint. Paint that is too thin tends to run and dry too quickly before levelling out. On the other hand, if you apply the paint too thickly or unevenly, it will run. Spread a generous coat of paint using criss-cross brush strokes to ensure that the paint is spread in an evenly thick layer all over the surface. Then finish the coat immediately using parallel strokes.

  • If you apply Feelings Furniture Paint or use other waterborne furniture paints or lacquers, use a brush made of man-made materials with soft hair tips. This ensures a smoother finish.

Can melamine, MDF and water-resistant plywood be painted? The surface feels too smooth for any paint to stick to it.

We have a lacquered panel ceiling in the living room. Over time, it has darkened and turned yellow. The room looks pretty gloomy, and I would like to have a transparent light-coloured ceiling that leaves the wooden surface visible. Can it be done?

How can I paint the concrete-faced fire wall in the sauna steam room?

I am planning to paint all the internal walls in my flat. Can I apply paint directly onto the wallpaper?

How can I neatly remove masking tape from the wall? Sometimes part of the tape sticks to the wall, or some of the paint comes off with the tape.

I am interested in pattern painting but I don’t really trust my own skills. Can an ordinary DIY painter do it properly?