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Frequently asked questions about paint usage

How do I know how much paint I will need for the job?

How should I dispose of waste while painting – left over paint, empty cans, rags, cotton waste, and so on?

How should I clean brushes and rollers?
Wash the rollers and brushes used with water-based products with soap and water. You can store them temporarily in a sealed plastic bag, for example, during the lunch break or overnight.

All tools used for applying alkyd lacquer, alkyd paint and wood preservatives should be stored in a water-filled jar between separate work phases. Dry the tools thoroughly by rubbing them, for example, with clean paper or cardboard before starting to paint. After painting, clean the tools first with white spirit and then with soap and water.

Do not pour white spirit into drains. You can recycle white spirit used for cleaning the tools for further cleansing use. Allow the paint residue from the tools to separate out at the bottom of the jar and pour the recyclable white spirit at the top into a new jar. Once the sediment at the bottom has dried, you can dispose of it together with other household waste.

Is it always necessary to thin paint?

What is the “tinting charge” added to the price of paint by the retailer?

How can I remove paint stains from clothing?

What does the price of paint consist of?