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Frequently asked questions about paint usage

How do I know how much paint I will need for the job?

How should I dispose of waste while painting – left over paint, empty cans, rags, cotton waste, and so on?

How should I clean brushes and rollers?

Is it always necessary to thin paint?

What is the “tinting charge” added to the price of paint by the retailer?
For example, when customers want white Feelings Interior Paint, they can buy non-tinted Feelings Interior type A base paint. If they want some other colour, the paint shop’s tinting machine adds tinting paste and mixes it with types A or C base paint, and a tinting charge is added to the price. The amount depends on the tinting pastes used, retailer pricing policy, and so on. As the retailer aims to offer a virtually unlimited range of colours, the tinting charge is to cover the expenses incurred by machine investment, labour, and tinting pastes.

How can I remove paint stains from clothing?

What does the price of paint consist of?