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Frequently asked questions about paint usage

How do I know how much paint I will need for the job?

How should I dispose of waste while painting – left over paint, empty cans, rags, cotton waste, and so on?

How should I clean brushes and rollers?

Is it always necessary to thin paint?

What is the “tinting charge” added to the price of paint by the retailer?

How can I remove paint stains from clothing?

What does the price of paint consist of?
In fact, paint is fairly inexpensive compared to other materials and methods. Just like many other products, the price of paint includes product development, raw material, manufacturing, labour, storage, and distribution costs.

The Tikkurila product range is wide-ranging and includes products made of both cheaper and more expensive components. In the long term, the most economic solution is to select the right product for each job and use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. Product sales price should not be the only selection criterion.