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Instructions - Furniture painting

Choice of product

  • Choose the right product depending on use and wear and tear.

Before treatment

  • The air, surface to be treated, and paint or lacquer temperature must all be at least +5°C. For Kiva Furniture Lacquer, the temperature must be at least +10°C, and for Feelings Furniture Paint at least +8°C. Relative humidity must be below 80%.
  • Always read the instructions on the product label before use.
  • Choose an undercoat and topcoat of the same colour.
  • When treating wood surfaces with semi-transparent finishes, the final colour of the wood depends on its species, hardness, and original colour, and the number of times it has been treated. Make a small test application first to ensure the final colour!
  • For an even finish, always apply semi-transparent finishes in continuous strokes parallel to the grain.

During treatment

  • Stir products thoroughly both before and during application. After stirring, allow Empire and Miranol to gel again before application.

  • If you continue painting the following day, put the paint roller or brush in a plastic bag and seal tightly overnight.

After treatment

  • Ensure adequate ventilation.

  • Let the paint dry properly. For paints and lacquers, surface dry is not sufficient. Depending on the product and coat thickness, final drying may take anything from a few days to four weeks.

  • If there is any paint or lacquer left over, put the lid carefully back on the can to form a tight fit. Turn the can upside down for a moment to make the lid airtight. Opened and/or tinted products cannot withstand prolonged storage.

  • Take liquid paint waste to a hazardous waste collection point. Empty or dry cans can be taken to a recycling point or to a public waste disposal site.

Maintenance instructions

Painted and lacquered interior surfaces

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