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Maintenance instructions

Exterior plastered surfaces


Check the state of painted surfaces visually once a year, and carry out the first detailed evaluation ten years after painting. Tikkurila technical advice services can also help with the evaluation process, and building specifications and maintenance logs may be useful when available. Compare the documentation to present conditions to reveal any discrepancies in the paperwork.

Pay attention to the structural condition of plastered facades, i.e.:
  • the types of paint used and the number of coats
  • the state of plastered structures, i.e. cracks, fissures and flaking
  • the condition of related structures, e.g. roofs, gutters, and down pipes.
Visual examination is often useful for assessing the state of plastered surfaces and plaster composition. Determine the paint type by visual examination and simple tests, while a laboratory can test the paint’s binders. If any damage is apparent, tapping the plaster will determine its surface consistency and adhesion to the base.

Plastered surfaces treated with organic paints, i.e. those that usually form a film, can be repainted one to two times, depending on plaster consistency and the state of the original paint. Plastered surfaces treated with inorganic paints can be repainted two to four times, depending on the paint type used.

Washing and maintenance instructions

Hot pressure washing is usually sufficient pre-treatment when repainting for the first time. Plastered surfaces may be damaged by excessive water pressure applied too close to the surface when washing.

Increase the water temperature to make washing more effective. Do not use detergent, except on surfaces with fungus and mould that can be removed with hypochlorite solution and rinsed with water.

Maintenance painting

Depending on the type of paint, repaint plastered surfaces every 10 to 25 years. When maintaining exterior concrete surfaces, the person responsible for property maintenance should plan the work systematically by first ordering an evaluation report. Do it yourself maintenance may hinder systematic maintenance in the future. For example, using the wrong type of paint might require special pretreatment that would otherwise have been unnecessary. When selecting paint for maintenance, the facade should be painted with the same type of paint as used before.

For further instructions, see Masonry facades and the product’s data sheets.