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Maintenance instructions

Fire-retarding paint surface


Clean surfaces treated with fire-retardant paint with a vacuum cleaner, brush, mop, or duster. Wipe topcoat surfaces down with a damp cloth or gently use a moist mop or sponge. Normal wet cleansing is not recommended.

Maintenance painting

Check the state of fire-retardant paint surfaces visually once a year and repair damaged paint to ensure the effectiveness of its protective capabilities. Remove any damaged fire-retardant paint by scraping or sanding. Chamfer the edges of the damaged area.
Apply fire-retardant paint with the approved coat thickness. Existing topcoat must not be painted over. Finish off the damaged area with a topcoat of approved paint.

Topcoat renewal

Clean the surface with a damp cloth or by washing gently. Use only fire-retardant paint with a certified product declaration or paint approved of by the fire-retardant paint manufacturer for maintenance painting. Topcoats can be repainted up to four times, and the combined thickness of all coats of paint must not exceed 300 mm. Maintenance painting data is added to the building’s structural report documents and a symbol indicating fire-retardant treatment is attached to the finished product. For further instructions on maintenance painting, see the product’s data sheets or ask your local Tikkurila retailer.