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Maintenance instructions

Wood surfaces treated with Valtti Wood Oils

Surfaces treated with Valtti Puuöljy (Wood Oil) and Valtti Kaluste- ja Terassiöljy (Furniture and Decking Oil) will finally cure and harden after a week in normal conditions. After treatment, they will become dust dry in approx. two days and may be cleaned gently with a soft brush, damp cleaning cloth or mop.

Surfaces treated with Valtti Puuöljy Akva will finally cure and harden after four weeks in normal conditions. Avoid brushing, mopping or cleaning the surfaces during this time. Clean normally after one month.

Dirty wood surfaces can be cleaned with Huoltopesu (Maintenance Cleaner: 1 part Maintenance Cleaner to 10 parts water). Remove stains and clean very dirty surfaces with a stronger solution (1 part Maintenance Cleaner to 1 part water). After washing, rinse the surfaces and allow to dry.

Maintenance instructions

Surfaces treated with Wood Oils may need retreating as often as once a year (non-tinted oils). Remove all dirt, dust and loose material from the surface. Clean and wash mouldy surfaces with Homeenpoisto (Mould Removal) or Tehopesu (Power Cleaner) according to instructions. Wash vertical surfaces systematically from the bottom upwards to avoid runs. Both Homeenpoisto (Mould Removal) and Tehopesu (Power Cleaner) lighten wood surfaces considerably.

To avoid overlapping, apply the oil in continuous strokes to cover the whole surface evenly. Wipe off excess oil from non-absorbing surfaces. The final surface colour depends on the species, hardness and original colour of the wood, and the number of times it has been treated. Test a small area of similar wood before application. Check the state of the treated surfaces annually and retreat at 1-2 yearly intervals as required, so that the wood oil does not form a film on the surface.

Thermally modified wood

Thermowood is easier to keep clean when the surface is finished, both for exterior and interior use. Washing greyed thermowood with Tikkurila Tehopesu (Power Cleaner) solution will restore its brown colour. See instructions for more details.

Thermowood will retain its warm brown shades when treated with tinted wood preservatives and oils (shade TVT 318R). The more opaque and deeper coloured the product, the better the treatment will preserve the wood. All normal wood treatment products are also suitable for thermowood.

Valtti Wood Oils

Protect and renew the wooden structures of your garden with Tikkurila Valtti Wood Oils – terraces, steps - as well as garden and terrace furniture. Wood oils protect the surface against moisture and dirt and tinted wood oils help reduce surface greying and prevent cracking.

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