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Calculating consumption and coverage

The consumption of paint varies depending on the surface to be treated and its condition. Absorption is influenced by the roughness of the surface and by the dryness and porosity of the wood. For example, treating a log surface that has been untreated for long absorbs a lot more wood finish than a new surface.

When calculating the consumption, remember that the consumption for round logs is 1.5 times higher than normal. Include also the corner joints in the surface area. As the filling rate in is usually 90 %, you should round up the litre amounts and reserve a sufficient amount of the product in order to avoid interrupting work and to achieve an even colour.

You can find proposed coverage values for a single application on the product data sheets.

How to calculate the consumption of paint
  1.  height x width of wall = area of one wall to be painted
  2. wall 1 + wall 2 + wall 3 + wall 4 = total area to be painted.
  3. total area divided by the coverage of the paint or wood preservative (m2/l) = consumption