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Paint waste disposal and recycling


Dispose wastes in eco-friendly way

Responsible painting includes appropriate disposal of waste. Recycling is becoming a common practice, and is gaining popularity among customers as new and better ways to recycle become available.

Tikkurila wants to minimize the environmental impact of its products and promote sustainability in painting, and also promote better practices in paint disposal and recycling of packaging. We are also working to further improve our own waste management.

Tikkurila instructs its customers in the correct way to recycle or dispose of painting and packaging waste, as well as in the proper cleaning of tools. Each country adheres to the local practices and legislation.

Calculate how much paint you need

The less leftover paint to dispose of, the smaller the impact on the environment. Tikkurila's paint calculator helpa you work out how much paint you will need for your painting project.

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Sustainable beauty since 1862

Sustainable beauty
Our products have helped customers protect and decorate surfaces and spaces for over 150 years. We develop and manufacture high-quality and user-friendly solutions for surface treatment. For decades, the principles of our operations have been quality, durability and safety.

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