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LUMI - brilliant white full-matt interior paint


White is a classic interior design theme that never goes out of fashion. Tikkurila’s luxurious new Lumi paint creates light at home or in public spaces, improving people’s alertness. The walls of a room painted with Lumi interior paints seem to recede, and even a small space will appear more open and luminous.

lumi interior

Tinting adds whites

Thanks to its new pigment composi- tion, Lumi interior paint is clearly whiter than traditional interior wall paints. The paint’s elegant surface is beautiful as such – pure white. Lumi paint can also be tinted, and its own colour card’s tinted whites  – Bride, Lily, Acacia, Igloo and Cirrus  – create different moods for a décor, like the play of light and shadow on an untouched snowdrift. Thanks to the paint’s special whiteness, these delicately elegant colours appear exceptionally pure and luminous.

Excellent coverage

Lumi interior paint has extremely good coverage. When the paint is spread on an even surface with short-napped S11 Lumi roller, the surface will become luxuriously smooth, with the paint providing a 50% higher coverage than ordinary interior wall paints. Naturally Lumi be-longs to the best M1 Finnish emissions class for construction materials. Pack-aging sizes: 0.9 l, 2.7 l, 9 l and 18 l.

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