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On the paint trail – Tikkurila 150 years

10.09.2012 16:07

Franck Media’s documentary series Key to Success tells the story of Tikkurila Paint Factories, originally established in 1862.

Tikkurila 150vFor almost 100 years, the factory was owned by the family business Schildt & Hallberg, and it had a great impact on the Tikkurila villages and the surrounding community, today known as Vantaa. Since the 1920s, a young chemist called Ragnar Holmström brought ideas and new paint technology from the USA. During the decades after the World Wars Tikkurila developed into one of the major players in its field in North and East Europe.

In 2007, a major stake in Kemira, the state-owned company that had owned Tikkurila since 1972, was sold to Oras Invest, owned by the Paasikivi family. Today Tikkurila is an independent, listed company with some 23,000 owners. It is also the biggest supplier of decorative paints in Finland, Sweden, Baltic States and Russia and number four in Poland.

A short version of Tikkurila’s 150th anniversary film can be found on our website

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