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Tikkurila is renewing its tinting and bringing feeling and colour to paint sales

14.09.2011 10:36

Tikkurila has renewed its tinting system. In connection with the renewal, new colour samples and shop displays, as well as a host of new products, will also be launched on the market. The innovations will be gradually introduced in shops during the autumn and winter.

Vision wall

The future shop in shop concept Visio makes the selection of colours and products an adventure.

Colour selection easier

Do-it-yourself interior decorators are given more feeling and a sense of adventure with the new Feel the Colour collection, whose carefully selected 263 shades have been grouped by colour area into seven palettes. The decision to reduce the number of colours in the shop was based on customer feedback: too many colours complicate the selection and prolong the decision-making process.

The colours in the Feel the Colour collection have been selected from Tikkurila Symphony’s 2,436 colours. The colours are presented on generously sized (74 x 120 mm) takehome chips manufactured with Tikkurila paints and colourants to ensure the best possible colour equivalency with Tikkurila paints. Besides its familiar Symphony code, each colour has been named to conjure up a positive emotional association. The collection’s 263 colours are also presented in a folded A4-sized colour card. The Feelings collection consisting of pre-designed colour combinations has been renewed.

The collection’s 54 new take-home chips have been grouped according to five styles reflecting the interior decorator’s personality. The styles are called Sensitive Dreamer, Modern Simplifier, Authenticity Seeker, Creative Adventurer and Selective Bon Vivant. The Feelings collection also includes the trend colours 2010/2011. 

Colour displays renewed

White sales fittings emphasise the colours’ beauty.

The new colour samples can be placed on Tikkurila’s existing grey shop fittings. The new white shop fittings offer plenty of new opportunities to display products and colours. Colour samples and brochures are beautifully set off against a white background. Large painted samples can also be impressively displayed.

To facilitate interior design and colour selections, a design table whose overhead lighting can be adjusted to match the customer’s own lighting environment, has been developed. More adventurousness will be provided by Visio, a new generation shop in shop concept designed by Pentagon Design Oy that inspires home painters to change their homes’ appearance and help them in the selection of colours and the right products.


New visual appearance for brochures, colour cards and packaging

Tikkurila has also renewed the appearance of its brochures, colour cards and work instructions. Images have been given a more important role to enhance the overall ambience and observation of details. In response to consumers’ wishes, more finished surfaces are now being shown in printed products, and the overall appearance is calmer.

The external appearance has been renewed by product family. At the same time care has been taken to ensure that members of the same product family are sufficiently differentiated from each other, and that it is easy to choose the right product from the shelf, even in a rushed situation.

acrylate family and take home chips

With the packaging renewal, Tikkurila’s acrylate indoor paints were assembled as a product family whose members can however be clearly differentiated from each other.

The generously sized Feel theColour take-home chips make it easier to choose suitable colours for the interior design.

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