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Tikkurila participating in the surface treatment of the world’s largest luxury liner


The luxury liner Oasis of the Seas was completed in October 2009 at the STX Europe shipyard in Turku. Commissioned by the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, this cruise ship is the largest passenger vessel ever built. Its length is approx. 360 metres, its width is 47 metres, and there are 2,700 cabins. Counting passengers and crew, the ship accommodates over 8,000 persons.

oasis of the seas

Considerable attention was already being paid to the safety and quality of the passenger ship’s surface treatments in the design and construction stages; the paint products used for the cruise ship’s indoor furnishings and other surfaces requires MED (Marine Equipment Directive) approval. MED-approved surfacing materials are fame-retardant, and do not release toxic smoke or combustion gases.The designers and architects of the Oasis of the Seas have selected Tikkurila’s high-quality MED-approved products for various parts of the vessel.

Tikkurila’s range of MED products is extensive, and paints and coatings for many kinds of surfaces and functional purposes are available. The spreading method can be brushing, rolling or spraying. Solvent-borne and waterborne metal and wood industries’ products, as well as decorative paints, have been used. The broad product range enhances the colour ambiences and special effects desired by the client for various locations on the ship.

The client’s architects, product designers and numerous product manufacturers utilised Tikkurila’s colour samples and product brochures when selecting the colours and products for the vessel’s cosy and glamorous world of colour. Information about Tikkurila’s MED-approved products has been assembled on a separate website, where positive feedback has been received from numerous design offices, product manufacturers and retail dealers. Product information and currently valid certifications have been easily and quickly available.

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