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Tikkurila trend colours 2012-2013 show the joy of doing

13.10.2011 09:25

Tikkurila has published trend colors for the years 2012–2013. The new trend colors have been divided into five collections: Eco rebellion (Ekokapina), Small romance (Pikkuromanssi), Antwerp (Antwerpen), Roots (Juuret) and Open sea (Ulappa).

roots livingroom area

The colors contain the energetic joy and power of the 70s, soft pastel colors, dark harmony, earthy shades, and breezy maritime. The inspiration for creating the collection was simple life, absence of rush, and doing it yourself.

In paints, the mega trend related to recycling, minimization of consumption, and increased environmental awareness, shows, in addition to paint being water thinnable, in certain level of naturalness, and light surface treatments. The sign of life can now be shown, and certain wear and tear is desired. "Now people are after derelict romance, suitably worn surface and a rough, somewhat raw impression. Fully matt surfaces in furniture and kitchen fittings are also new," tells Tikkurila Design Manager Marika Raike.

Eco-Rebellion livingroom

"Doing with your own hands is the mega trend of the moment. Different stencils, projection paintings and texts are really popular. The joy of doing with your own hands reigns," Raike enthuses. "Now people want to use natural materials and products in interior decoration, meaning that different stone and wood surfaces are of interest to decorators. Oils and waxes used on wooden surfaces are also a thing of today.

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