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Duett Home Decoration Concept

Tikkurila Duett is an inspiring and easy-to-use home decoration concept for DIY- consumers. Duett offers a selection of interior paint and wallpapers with a unique match. The concept includes designs for various consumer tastes all delivering the idea of Scandinavian Premium Purity.

A perfect match between wallpaper and paint

Duett wallpapers come in six patterns: Joy, Flow, Woods, Mosaic, Stitch and Dream. All patterns are available in three different colors to make a total of 18 designs. Customers can find a pre-tinted full-matt paint for interior walls for each pattern and color combination. The wallpapers have a velvety full-matt finish. This means that the high-quality wallpapers and the velvety paints go together perfectly.  


Tikkurila's Duett non-woven wallpapers are easy to hang, because there is no stretching. Wallpaper adhesive is applied directly to the wall, which makes the job that much easier. The wallpapers meet strict environmental standards and are printed with water-based inks. Duett wallpapers are free of PVC, heavy metals and other substances harmful to the environment. The colors have excellent resistance to UV light.

Duett paints are water-borne, full-matt acrylate paints that give interior walls a non-reflective finish. The high quality and eco-friendliness of paints is guaranteed by labels such as the Nordic Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel.

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Duett products


Duett Non-woven wallpaper

For even / leveled concrete, plaster, chipboard , wood fibreboard and plasterboard  with cardboard  surface according to instructions. 

Coverage: With one roll you get  4–5 m²  surface wallpapered.  Pattern alignment affects the wallpaper consumption.  Paint calculator
Application method:
Product data sheet

Duett Interior Paint

Suitable for interior painting of plaster, concrete, filler, chipboard, plasterboard and wood fibreboard surfaces according to instructions.


For absorbing surfaces 5-7 m²/l. For non-absorbing surfaces 9-11 m²/l.

Paint calculator
Application method:

Roller, brush or spray.

For airless spray application, use a nozzle 0.017" - 0.021", thinning 0-5 % by volume

Thinner: Water
Colour Cards: Symphony 2436
Product data sheet Safety data sheet

Duett Glue

For attaching non-woven wallpapers.

Coverage: 5-6 m²/l. Paint calculator
Application method: Roller, brush
Thinner: Water
Product data sheet Safety data sheet